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Green Masala beef biryani

 1 kg Beef meat
 5 cups Basmati Rice
 Salt (3.5 tsp for boiling rice, in gravy to taste)
 - Garam masala (1 to 3 cardamom, small cinnamon sticks, tez patta known as bay leaves, cloves, peppercorns)
 - Powdered Masalas (cumin powder, red chilli powder, Garam Masala grounded, black pepper powder- one tsp each)
 4 green chillies,
 1 bunch each of fresh coriander and mint
 1 large onion chopped
 1 cup Yoghurt
 2 Tomato
 - Oil, ginger/ garlic paste
 - Saffron colour, rose water one tsp

1. Take a medium-sized pot and put half a cup of oil in it. Warm the oil and put Garam Masala (not powdered) and fry for a min.

2. Now add onions, frying until golden brown. Now add beef meat and fry it with ginger-garlic paste for five minutes.

3. Add tomatoes and two whole green chillies, with other powdered Masalas for 15 minutes (make sure tomatoes are least visible).

4. Now take a blender, add the material for green Masala (spare a few twigs of coriander and green mint for garnishing).

5. It is time to add the blended green mixture into the meat and a little water, let it cook with a lid on until meat is a little tender.

6. Now take yoghurt and put it into the pot and mix it well with a wooden spoon. Let it again cook for another 10 minutes (take more time to make sure meat is perfectly tender).

7. In a big pot, put water and rice with the addition of salt, bringing it to a boil.

8. When the rice is half-done, strain them and add oil to the pan. Now put the half amount of strained rice in the pot and sprinkle few drops of rose water on it (stir a little so it is infused).

9. Add the meat curry on top and put remaining rice over it. Sprinkle saffron colour (mixed with a little bit of water) on the layer of rice at top.

10. Cover with a lid and after 10 minutes — voila, the aroma will tell you that you are in for a grand treat!