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Mutton Karahi

 ½ cup cooking oil
 1 tbsp ginger garlic, crushed
 1 tsp cumin
 700 g mutton
 · Salt to taste
 1 tbsp red chili, crushed
 1 tsp coriander powder
 1 tsp cumin powder
 3 green chili, crushed
 5 ½ cups tomatoes
 2 cups water
 250 g yogurt
 · For garnish garlic and ginger

In a cooking pan, add cooking oil, ginger garlic paste, cumin, meat and fry for five to seven minutes. Now add salt, red chili, coriander, cumin, green chili and cook for two to three minutes. Now add water, tomatoes and cook until tender. After that add yogurt and cook for five minutes. Now garnish with green chili, green coriander, ginger and serve with naan.