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Stuffed Rainbow Baguette

 · 1 baguette
 · 4 tablespoons hummus
 · 8 slices cheddar
 · ¼ red pepper
 · ¼ cooked beetroot
 · 2 radishes
 · 1 yellow or orange carrot
 · Handful green leaves
 · 1 tablespoon vegetarian pesto

Cut the baguette in half so you can open it out like a book. Spread the hummus over the bottom half of the baguette and add the cheese, breaking the slices up if you need to. Scatter the pepper, beetroot, radish and carrot along the baguette, then add the leaves, dribble with the pesto (mixed with one tablespoon olive oil) and close the baguette. Wrap the baguette tightly in the baking parchment and tie securely with string. Take a bread knife with you, so you can slice it when you’re ready to eat it.